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Since its establishment in 1980, Elytone Electronic Co., Ltd. has shaped the modern magnetic, audio and crossover network industries. Committed for the last 30 years to creating dependable and high quality magnetic components, Elytone branding has made its mark on switching power transformers, current sense transformers, common mode chokes, power inductors and toroidal transformers. Constantly developing new products, Elytone has designed new products such as flat helix winding coils and TX & RX modules for wireless power chargers.

To address the quality audio needs of its customers, Elytone has enhanced its audio component line to include superior speakers, wireless speakers, subwoofer amplifiers, iPod docks and other consumer products. Elytone offers customized turnkey services and OEM/ODM services for all audio and magnetic components. Elytone remains customer-oriented to this day, and works to provide the best possible service for system integrators and developers. Moreover, this dedication to customer satisfaction and detail-oriented products has led to the development of global offices in key locations worldwid.